Shift your perspective to engaging the soul of each child in their education–at home, at school, and wherever learning takes place, drawing out what is inherent in each child – their innate wisdom and creativity.

Shift your perspective to seeing each child as having gifts for the world rather than an empty mind needing to be filled.

Shift your perspective to acknowledging the teacher as a guide, mentor and collaborator rather than a dispenser of knowledge.

Shift your perspective to starting with the study of yourself because an educator is a model for children who learn more from who we are than from what we say.  “What you are speaks so loudly I can’t hear what you are saying”              – Ralph Waldo Emerson

This shift in perspective will show adults that children have much to teach us and have gifts of tremendous significance to give the world.

Shift your perspective!

Alma offers courses that incorporate your unique soul gifts into the classroom, at home and in the community.  We can forge a different way, with soul inspired teaching through a shift in perspective.


Alma’s Mission is to prepare teachers, parents and caregivers to bring forth a new soul inspired approach to education. We consider anyone engaged with children as an educator, because it is through relationships that we teach and learn.


Alma’s Vision is to have and adult learning center attached to a K-12 school for children on each continent to bring about the unfolding of the inner wisdom of the child. Each facility would be designed to bring the New Education into the cultural context of the geographic location.

Understanding we are all souls experiencing life on Earth, we see a world where adults, through self reflection, educate their children with love and respect for who they are .

Investigate further what is meant by soul.