It is for the love of the children that Alma exists. This is the initiative of several inspired and seasoned educators who see the urgent need for a new way of educating our children.

We are a part of the New Education, an international movement dramatically changing how we educate the world’s children. Alma is not here simply to modify current protocols and practices. Alma is not a new method or curriculum.

Essentially we believe children are magnificent, trustworthy, and constantly learning. What they need is our help and our love to become adults.

The New Education is an inspired and developing response to the suffering of children in a system that ignores their soul’s calling, often stifles their curiosity and can dampen their love of learning.

Together with open hearts, awakened intelligence and unconditioned thinking we can create an educational experience in which children will thrive.

Alma is a nonprofit (501c3) educational corporation. It is governed by a Board of Directors and is located in Ojai, California offering online courses, resources and events.

located at:   111 West Topa Topa Street, Ojai CA 93023

(805) 646-6804      email: