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The Soul in the Classroom

The Inspired Classroom Course – Tim Hall 

$95 – 10 classes

In Mr. Hall’s decades in the classroom, he has taught over 20,000 students at all grade levels. As a master teacher he has advised other teachers on the various aspects of the profession, including classroom management, behavior without threat or fear, and bringing lessons to life. He has individually tutored many students with special needs in high schools, junior high and elementary.

The secret to his success with children is connecting to the soul of the child and creating safety, consistency and an atmosphere of love. In this course he will share his unique perspective, simple techniques and many stories that demonstrate soul-inspired teaching.


This course shares how to help a child arrive at self-discipline, how to help develop listening skills, how mistakes can be considered adventures, and what it means to love as a teacher.  His unique and playful examples of how to inspire learning through performance, setting the mood through music, and solving math problems through art, are inspirational.

A soul inspired classroom is built on a foundation of safety. The teacher is responsible to guide the blossoming of individuals and the class, which can only happen under the condition of safety on all levels. Skill is required to ensure physical, emotional, psychological and mental safety. When students start to feel safe they test it. But one by one students open up and blossom into who they are, which inspires others and something profound happens to the class.

Addressing the soul of the child and drawing it out creates a new educational paradigm with no need for “classroom management” or “rewards and punishment.” Children run to their classroom with a feeling of internal freedom.

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