Alma is for teachers, parents and grandparents who wish to forge a different way of educating children that includes the child’s inner life.

One third of the new teachers in the United States leave the profession within the first 3 years. One half leave in the first 5 years. Drop out teachers complain that the standardized classroom is an impossible place for them to use their gifts or their professional judgment.

Are you:

One of the disheartened teachers with or without teaching credentials, looking for a different approach to teaching? In 2010 there were 450,000 private school teachers and an additional 72,000 charter school teachers where credentials are not required. Alma will provide you with wisdom and skills to successfully take a fresh approach to teaching.

A parent seeking to learn about an alternative to the current educational model? Parents concerned about their children’s education as well as homeschooling parents can be inspired and enriched by the unique courses offered at Alma.

A new teacher candidate with a desire to change education? If you are part of this group, chances are you are critical of your own education and want to participate in correcting education for others. Alma offers a different approach to educating children.

A re-entry, degreed adult, who desires to teach in private or charter schools? The projected need for public school teachers in 2016/2017 in California alone is 21,000 with only 15,000 graduates from teacher training programs. This shortage has resulted in lower credentialing requirements for degreed adults.  Alama’s courses can give you the confidence to make a difference in the classroom.

lifelong learner interested in developing your potential to serve the world through a new model of education?