Engaging the Soul

Courses for engaging the soul

Engaging the Soul

Currently offering three courses:

  1. Who Am I?
  2. Soul to Soul Communication
  3. Early Imprints

See the profiles of facilitators and the course descriptions below:

Who Am I?

Core course facilitated by Ellen Hall   $55- 5 classes

ellenWhat could qualify a person to facilitate a course of this significance? Although there is an extensive bio for Ellen under “About, Board, Staff & Advisors”, the qualification for facilitating this core class at Alma comes from a different aspect of Ellen’s life experience.

With an early commitment to study, service and meditation as guiding practices for her spiritual life, she began all three over fifty years ago. Her study has been comprehensive and persistent. Service has been in the areas of education, civic volunteering and environmental protection. Meditation has been a daily practice from her early twenties to the present.


This five class course, “WHO AM I?” will explore approaches to self-understanding but the inner work will be up to the student. No one can teach you who you are. All we can do for each other is to share our lives and inspire each other to ask this basic of all questions. We can inquire together.

This course will study how various traditions understand the nature of the human being. It is designed to facilitate student’s personal exploration through philosophical and psychological approaches. The following will be explored: Judeo-Christian, Indigenous, Perennial Wisdom, Mystical Traditions, Buddhist, Hindu, transpersonal and developmental psychological approaches.  Then students will be encouraged to choose one approach, exploring more deeply who they are.

Teachers who have engaged in serious self reflection are more sensitive, compassionate and effective in the classroom.

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Soul to Soul Communication

Facilitated by Greg Tzinberg and Theresa deRiggs $95- 10classes

Greg has been a teacher of meditation for over 30 years and has an abiding passion for working with people who want to build a conscious relationship with the soul. Greg has a Master’s degree in Applied Behavioral Science with an emphasis on organizational learning and performance. He has worked with executives, managers and employees in leadership, coaching, communications, change management and team performance within organizations and several Fortune 100 companies.

Greg is a recognized Lay Teacher in the Nyingma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism and a long-time student of Lucille Cedercrans known for her ground breaking work, “The Nature of the Soul”. Through his spiritual and professional training and experience, Greg brings a unique skill-set and methodologies for helping aspiring soul-centered educators connect soul to soul with themselves and their students. Currently, Greg has been offering classes, workshops and retreats on Loving Kindness in Action with co-teacher Theresa de Riggs. Together they have traveled throughout the U.S., Australia, Costa Rica and Europe. They also offer classes and forums on-line.

My passion is helping others to find within themselves the key that accesses the highest and best within. Once that key is found, it is natural to relate to others in ways that promote the highest and best in others. This is the way we build together a dynamic and exciting future of vision, learning and promise.”

Theresa has been leading classes since 2004 focusing on soul to soul communication to empower the evolution of each individual. Theresa founded the Akasha Retreat Centre outside of Melbourne, Australia for mind-body healing through meditation, yoga and counseling, helping people adopt healthy and life affirming choices in their day to day life. As a mother, grandmother and teacher, Theresa is well acquainted with both conventional modes of learning and how to apply a soul, mind, brain alignment to engage a new dimension of learning through soul to soul communication and the science of impression.

“The soul incarnates with a very clear purpose, to evolve and to serve others through their creative contributions to the world. We need to show teachers how to connect with their own souls equipment in order to help students know their own soul purpose.”


Loving kindness is the essence of what we teach, for it is loving kindness that is the foundation of the new world education. A child’s soul purpose is reflected in their innate gifts, interests and abilities. The teacher can facilitate learning by attuning with that purpose, finding creative and challenging ways to engage the student’s heart, mind and soul.

A few of the topics the course will focus on are:

  1. Knowledge of the soul on its own plane of being
  2. The teacher as the bridge for soul-to-soul with the student
  3. Becoming a clear channel for the soul
  4. Personal  transformation
  5. Group consciousness and the learning process

This course includes an intensive training in the meditation techniques to utilize the higher-self or soul as an instrument in facilitating student’s learning. Participants will have the opportunity to learn and acquire their own “teaching alignment” that is a living energy link to their own intuition and the wisdom potential that lies within each student.

Therefore one’s own meditation practice will be at the heart of this training.  Each participant will authenticate this training through their own application of the concepts and techniques in their day to day life. This course may provide  access to the love and the wisdom that is the providence of the soul.

Participants will record their own current inner life and connection to the soul as well as participate in exercises to remember and reconnect with their childhood experiences.

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Early Imprints: How Conception and Birth Impact Soul Expression

Facilitated by Tara Blasco, Phd  $45 -4 classes

Tara Maria Blasco holds a BA in Psychology from the University Pontificia of Salamanca in Spain, a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Santa Barbara Graduate Institute, (specializing in prenatal and perinatal psychology) and is a registered craniosacral therapist in Spain and the USA. Since 2001 she supports families working as a facilitator for the Beba clinic, a non-profit with offices in Santa Barbara and Ojai, California. Presently, Tara co-directs the Beba clinic with Ray Castellino.

She co-facilitates the 2 1/2 year Castellino Prenatal and Birth Professional training in the U.S. and Spain. She is also a certified and experienced practitioner for the Womb Surround Process Workshop.

Tara has been a student of the Wisdom teachings through Alice Bailey’ books for 25 years. Together with her husband Lyn, she facilitates study groups at Meditation Mount and at the Ojai Wisdom Center in Ojai.

She is a director of Global Resource Alliance, a non-profit dedicated to find and implement solutions to the problems of poverty, malnutrition and disease in Tanzania, East Africa.


Early Imprints; How Conception and Birth Impact Soul Expression

During the course of these four classes we will explore how intense and significant experiences during our prenatal and birth history can have a tremendous impact in the way we live our lives, even if we are not aware of them. Experiences from gestation to the first 18 months of life are recorded implicitly as non-verbal memories in the form of sensations, movements and emotions leaving an imprint responsible for many of our habits and preferences, even though we aren’t conscious of their origins.

With the help of experiential exercises, we will explore our inner world, attempting to discover some of these imprints and utilize resources to help us understand and integrate our early experiences to create a life of greater joy, freedom and soul expression.

We will bring this understanding to the world of children and learn ways to support them to deal with their early imprints, integrate intense prenatal and birth experiences and find tools in the context of the family and/or school life to help them integrate their experiences. Through play and group dynamics, we offer a safe container where they can be seen and heard. Some tools will be presented to help adults support children to create a coherent narrative of their early experiences that invites integration, self-esteem and soul growth.

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